What do I wear?

You don't need to rush out to the shops in a panic and buy a new outfit. You will more than likely have something in your wardrobe that will be perfect. You can choose to colour co-ordinate the whole family which can look effective. For example, pick out 3 colours and have everyone wear one or two of those colours. Mix up some patterns with plains belonging to the same palette. Avoid lots of patterns together and characters /logos on kids clothing. Make sure you are comfortable. Wardrobe staples like shirts, wrap dresses, boots and jeans will never fail to look good and create that timeless look. I've got a whole guide on this which you can download straight from this site. Wait for the pop up and you can get your hands on one!


What if my child doesn't co-operate?

It could well be something that puts you off booking, am I right? When it hits the fan just let it take its course. I know it’s hard, but If you get stressed and show it, this will only make things worse. Having your session outdoors means there is less chance that your five year old will have his daily strop at exactly the wrong moment. There is so much to see and explore outside, especially if the location you have chosen is somewhere new for you.

I usually let kids I haven’t met before (mostly the case) run off lots of energy instead of getting the camera out straight away. After all, I am a complete stranger pointing a camera at them and this can be quite daunting for kids of all ages! Sometimes I ask kids to be my assistant on a particular shot and let them see the digital afterwards on my camera. I make it feel special in that only they can see it and not their parents!
A simple bottle of bubbles can always be a source of entertainment if only for a few minutes. It’s also a fantastic way to get kids looking up so I can get those wide eye shots.
Plus, I have been known to bring along 'Wendy the Wallaby'. She’s a wee puppet who helps me take my pictures.

There are also a few things you can do to keep things on an even keel. Prepare your kids for what is going to happen that day, a few days prior so they know in advance and it doesn’t come as a surprise. You can make it out to be a big adventure for younger ones.

Bring plenty of snacks and resort to good old fashioned bribery but only if you need and want to. Something like "You can have a wee treat afterwards if you behave well for the photographer today. Mummy and daddy will be so proud of you!” Giving them lots of encouragement and praise for their co-operation will not be wasted.

So don’t worry if your seven year old didn’t get to sit in the front seat, or your toddler wanted to wear their jumper inside out. I have photographed hundreds of families and I haven’t had a shoot yet where a frown hasn’t turned into a smile.


Where can I have my outdoor session?

There are so many wonderful locations throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. Think of somewhere that has lovely memories for you, perhaps you have a favourite family day out location. I've been to Lauriston Castle, Calton Hill, Corstorphine Walled Garden, Dalkeith Country Park and Penicuik House to name a few. I'm always excited to go somewhere new!


Is there a limit on the number of people attending?

Family reunions/gatherings I can do as long as you understand I may need longer for the session which would incur an additional charge especially if there are a few young children in the mix too. The best thing is to have a chat with me in advance regarding larger groups.

What if it's raining - can I reschedule?

Sessions usually proceed unless the weather is very wet and windy. If it's light rain then I proceed. A bright umbrella can make a picture! Check the forecast a few days before and ensure that you have the correct clothing if things do change and in this country that is a certainty!

If I haven't covered a question you may have then please do get in touch and I will be able to help.

You want your family experience to be stress free, so here are the answers to your most common concerns :

"She captured our little girl so beautifully and we absolutely loved our photos!"