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Get Heart Bursting Images of You With Your Children in Just 30 Minutes

My MUMMY & ME MINI SESSIONS are happening at Edinburgh's Hermitage of Braid on the 2nd & 3rd April 2022. It's the perfect way to celebrate the love between you and your special people.


Let's Celebrate Mums!


All mums need to be celebrated because we do a bloomin' amazing job. Given the rocky 2 years we've had, some of us won't have seen our mums for a long time. Some of us are new mums. Some just don't have a decent picture without their smallest pulling a funny face. Or, like me, your husband simply never takes any spontaneous pictures of you being a fantastic mum to your children like he wasn't even there.


That's my job.

After checkout I'll get in touch to finalise the details of your shoot!

Mummy & Me Mini Sessions 2022

Here's what you get:

30 minutes of photos

5 high resolution digitals

from a choice of 10 edited images





at Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh


Not quite ready?

Do you find yourself asking for a photo with your children?


How often do you appear in family photos? (Selfies not included) Are you like me, always taking the photos and need to ask to be in an actual picture with your children? I find myself asking - "Can you take one of me with the children?", all the time. Is this the case in your family?



Let's capture this love on camera


Whatever your situation, you do know that you are your children's favourite person in the entire world, right?... and their love for you is unconditional. Wouldn't it be great for your children to be able to look back on that love for years to come?

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 09.54_edited.p

"She caught a beautiful light  resulting in glowing images of the girls, which brought their grandmother to tears when I presented them to her"

Kirsten - Family Session


My two favourite little people.


I'm Kirsty, your photo lady....


This is not work, it's play!


It' true. I do feel like a giddy child in a soft play centre during each and every shoot. Capturing that laugh, that excited interaction which is then gone in a flash; It's a wonderful thing.


I'm a mum to two gorgeous beings ages 6 and 8. We love our life in Rosewell, Midlothian.


I'm a spontaneous upcycler, passionate tea drinker, love anything crafty and have always wanted a mini. Still don't have one.


Organisation is a must for me and admittedly, I can be a control freak sometimes but that's not a bad thing when it comes to running the business that brings me so much joy. 

After checkout I'll get in touch to finalise the details of your shoot!


Mothers Day Sorted.



This is a really thoughtful gift this Mothers Day which is fast approaching! Mums have gone over and above these last couple of years during Covid. It's been a tough time for everyone and mums have had to do a lot more juggling than usual. I know I did.


It's been a huge challenge keeping family life settled and rolling along with the added pressure of home learning, coping with isolation and trying to keep everyone happy, whilst also trying to run a business.


There have been few times where we've been able to stop and really enjoy family moments without worrying about what next week will bring.


So.... I'd like to create some special time for you and your family. There you go. That was a massive hint for all partners and loved ones out there who are reading this right now. 

After checkout I'll get in touch to finalise the details of your shoot!

"Kirsty made getting family photos done so easy. She was incredibly professional - but most importantly for me was how approachable she was and how easy she made the whole process."

Joanne - Newborn Session


Or maybe... you don't want to be in the picture at all.



"I must lose weight"


"I don't like my chin"


"I don't want to spoil the photo"


Am I right? It's something I hear mums say all the time. But why? This is a whole blog post however..


Your kids love you exactly the way you are because you are their mum.


Let's celebrate you with the ones you love most, if not for yourself, for your kids.

After checkout I'll get in touch to finalise the details of your shoot!



What is a mini session?

They are basically tapered down versions of my full sessions. A great chance to try me out without committing more than you feel comfortable with. Great for busy families who still want stunning images but are limited on time and budget.


Where and when are the mini sessions?


They will be held at Hermitage of Braid in Edinburgh on just two days. The 2nd and 3rd April. When you click on the booking link you will be able to select your date and time slot. There are limited slots.


What if the weather is awful?


If the weather is not in our favour then we simply reschedule to a time that suits you.

How many people are allowed in my group?


Due to the short time frame the maximum number of people will be 5.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 19.13.51.png

We lost mum in Feb 2020. I've never looked back at the old pictures more, than in the last couple of years. I'm the lighter haired one, the younger of us with the messy chops.


I miss mum every day. She was lucky with our dad as he was a very passionate hobby photographer in that he would be snapping away constantly, particularly on holidays but, I'm so glad he did. She didn't need to ask. She probably got fed up with a lens in her face quite a lot of the time. I hated it and pulled a face. Yes, I was that person. She always said she took a 'dreadful' photo but I couldn't disagree more. She was our mum and we loved her no matter what.


I am basically turning in to her, but you know what? I love that. I really looked up to her. She was a talented, artistic and creative person to whom I owe a lot. These wonderful off-the-cuff images stir up so much enjoyment and happiness in me, I will be forever thankful to dad for pressing that shutter.

Not quite ready?


There's no love like it.

After checkout I'll get in touch to finalise the details of your shoot!

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