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Pizza & Prosecco for Midlothian Ladies!

It was a night of fun and face painting when Claire and Julia hosted their MiLC event named Pizza and Prosecco at Al's Bistro in Dalkeith last month.

The incredible face art was supplied by the very talented Laura, AKA Face Painting by Laura. These creations were completed within literally a few minutes - the speed that this lady works!! By the end of the night practically everyone had a beautiful work of art on their faces. Just a shame it had to come off before I went to bed...!

MiLC's DJ, Miss Sugar DJ was there to entertain us with an endless supply of hits amongst, ahem, many guilty pleasures. And of course, we all enjoyed the delicious pizza and many a glass of prosecco, no doubt. (enough to get people dancing at the end..) I just loved capturing everyone's expressions when the mirror was held up, revealing their wonderful face art.

Well done to Laura Hunter who won my Autumn Session voucher! She was very happy about that :-)

Thanks again guys for an amazing event!

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