A little bit about me

When I was younger my dad would take his photographs with an Olympus film SLR camera on our family holidays, which he would develop as slides. We were treated to the odd slideshow on a Saturday night of a particular holiday, but we never really saw half the images he took (still haven't) and more to the point, other than a grin full of braces from a School photograph, none of these images were ever framed and displayed.

It's so easy these days to take a photo however, despite us taking hundreds of images of our children, very rarely do we actually print any of them out and display them in our home. More often than not they may get backed up then put onto a USB stick or disk and get shoved into a man drawer to be forgotton about. (Although we can certainly forget the one with the braces.)


Let's change this!


You spending time with family and take a pride in your home. How much would you like to have beautiful, custom artwork of your children and loved ones, on your walls for you to look at and cherish every single day?


I want to give you that opportunity by giving you the images you want and displaying them beautifully in your home. For me, framed family photographs makes a house a home and if this rings true with you and you are interested in what I do then I'd love to hear from you.


I'll be honest and say that I'm not the right photographer for everyone. If you're looking for a few quick images onto a USB then I'm probably not the right choice. Unsure? Get in touch for a quick chat to see if we're a good fit.


I never thought I could enjoy photography more until I became a mother. My beautiful girl, Eva, is almost 6 years old and is more than used to my lens pointing in her direction. The girl is so incredibly photogenic, it's hard not to! She is my inspiration. Douglas is 3 and he's a bold wee character, tough as a nut. They are my world. However - trying to get a photo of them both together looking happy is another story!


That's me in the middle :-)
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