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Let's photograph that beautiful bump...

Pregnancy is a special time, whether you embrace your new body or not! 9 months can go by incredibly quickly and at the time, you're too busy trying to organise things that you don't get a chance to really see how you're body is changing. It's an exciting time, full of anticipation when you can look forward to the arrival of your precious little person.
I can create some beautifully natural images of you and your bump (on your own and/or with partner) in the comfort of your own home, or you can choose an outside location.

For your photographs, it's best to show off your wonderful bump after 34 weeks, so that it can't fail to be noticed!

Wear something you feel comfortable in, that's the number one priority. A stretchy maxi dress or wrap dress/top is perfect and will really show off your bump, as will any figure hugging top. You can easily dress it up with a statement piece of jewellery. You don't have to go tight fit. A loose shirt paired with some maternity fitting jeans will look great. The most important thing is that I want you to feel good and feel like you! I will provide further tips in the wardrobe department in those days running up to your session.

For the photos themselves, you may have a clear idea of what you'd like but if not then I have lots of ideas to create authentic images you will adore. Depending on how you feel at this stage in your pregnancy, you may want to stand, or sit for your photographs. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, I will give direction if needed and offer advice for which rooms are best or which backdrop would create the most eye catching images.

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Newborn photography at home
The majority of newborn sessions take place in your own home, where mother and baby are most comfortable and everything is to hand. I use natural light wherever possible to achieve a candid and natural look to your images.


An hour prior to your session, ensure that there is a room in your house with good light coming in from the window (the main bedroom is ideal) and somewhere comfortable for you to lay your newborn down. If it's the main bedroom, this will be your bed, so have it made and have a few blankets to hand. Have the room at a warm temperature and pull up any blinds to benefit from the window light as much as possible.

When photographing your newborn I believe that simple is best, therefore shots aren't too contrived or posed. I don't touch your newborn at all, but provide gentle guidance where necessary. There is no better light to show off their tiny features in intricate detail, than daylight. Many of the shots will therefore be candid in style and my approach is friendly and relaxed. I will very much run with how your baby is feeling and behaving. I allow up to 2 hours for nappy changes, feeds and breaks.

There will also be plenty of time to have shots taken with siblings and partners/husbands. Daddys are not left out by any means, in fact I encourage them to take part! Most particularly to be involved in the ever so important family picture.

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With your permission, you can view a couple of the images from your session the very same day on my Facebook page if you really can't wait to see! I send you a text message when they are up on the page.



Approximately two weeks after your newborn or maternity photo session you will be presented with your images in the form of a stunning online gallery with full access to the product store where you can treat yourself to some of the delights that behold you there.


Prepare to get emotional... have a tissue ready!


You will have 30 days to view your images and pick out favourites. I will offer guidance and give advice where needed  when it comes to choosing something perfect for displaying your chosen images. Canvases, eye catching frames and minimalist wall displays to name a few, can all be ordered from the store accessed direct via your gallery. It's sometimes very difficult to narrow it down! The most important goal for me is for you to be over the moon with the results.

You can choose between one of my digital and print packages or alternatively, may decide that picking an item A-La-Carte is more favourable. Click the link below for information!

View a summary of the whole process together with timescales here.

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Sarah Oliphant

Had a great session with Kirsty when my little one was 2 weeks. The photos capture him so well in the early days and it was a really relaxed session that was a good excuse to just cuddle and focus on my baby for a few hours.


Sally McGrattan

Thank you so much for these photos, they are absoutely beautiful, we can't stop looking through them!


Fiona Inglis

Kirsty made the whole process of getting family photos done so easy. She was incredibly professional - but most importantly for me was how approachable and easy going she made the whole process.

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