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How Do I Know If a Newborn Photography Session At Home Is The Right Choice For Me?

Updated: May 14

brother looking at newborn baby sibling with family

Most parents choose to have newborn photos taken in a studio environment or at home, which is what I do. Not sure which to go for? Here are some tell-tale signs that choosing to have a newborn photographer come to your home makes it the right choice for you.

1. The thought of travelling to a studio and packing a bag stresses you out

It’s understandable that this may be one of the first journey’s you take outside your home after having your baby, particularly if you want the photos done in the first week with your newborn. Tell you what though, it’s a daunting thing getting some clothes on that are not your pj’s and re-connecting yourself with your make up bag. Perhaps even stepping out the house. If the thought of a journey to a strange studio with bright lights fills you with anxiety, don’t do it. You may be self conscious about your post pregnant body or how tired you think you may look. We all feel relaxed and comfortable in our own surroundings and that’s how I want you to feel for your photos. Calm and happy mum, calm and happy photo session.

baby on fur rug with hand in it's mouth

2. You want the results to evoke a sense of family connection

Your home is full of the things you love, things you have collected over the years. It’s the place where you’ve grown as a couple, made new memories and brought home your most precious possession yet. This is the start of your story together as a family, or growing family. Imagine looking back on your newborn session; a few years have passed and perhaps you’ve moved since then. You’re talking to your partner and remembering those early days in that house and all the happy times you had there. Such sentiment is what newborn photography in your own home is all about. I know. Pass the tissues...

3. Authenticity and story telling is important to you

You don’t want to lose those recollections of the every day moments from rocking them to sleep, that scrunched up look when you lift your newborn baby out the cot, and that favourite spot by the window where you like to hold them looking out to that big wide world together. That blanket you had as a child, knitted by your granny is still going strong and you want to include it in the photos at home. Amazing! If you’re a sentimental sort of person and this really resonates with you, I want to capture this feeling in your own newborn pictures.

newborn feet lying on bed at home

4. The whole baby in a basket thing doesn't really rock your boat

If you want the big posing thing, I’m not the right newborn photographer for you. It works for many parents who adore that swaddled, headband look. I’ll be honest and say I really don’t like it. But many do and that’s ok! It's a whole different ball game. There's a lot of set up involved and the photographers who provide this type of newborn photography are trained in handling and posing your baby in the most comfortable way possible. I actually don’t even touch your baby, leave that up to you. But I do give you some gentle guidance on how to hold them for some shots and that’s purely to ensure you don’t look awkward or uncomfortable. My aim is to give you that help and still end up with those candid, story teller images you're after.

dad looking down at baby son whilst holding up to a window at home

5. If things don’t go to plan it won’t get you too bothered

I honestly don’t think I’ve had the perfect newborn session yet. Who has? Babies after all, are unpredictable. There’s always something even if it’s a tiny thing that happens unexpectedly that could lead me to get some images the parents completely adore. Like that moment he decides to pee while you're changing him and that look on your face. Unexpected is good! It keeps me on my toes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I actually tell parents that I don't have a plan and am very much baby led.. Yep, they are the ones in charge and don't they know it.



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