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Don't worry if your house is a mess. I'm photographing you and your baby, not your house!

Maternity & Newborn

A new baby is such an incredibly exciting and life changing moment in your life. From gazing at their little hands and feet, to wondering how on earth you're going to care for you're new bundle, it's hard to take in all the emotions.


When photographing your newborn I believe that simple is best, therefore shots aren't too contrived or posed. I don't touch your newborn at all, and provide gentle guidance where necessary. I like to use daylight wherever possible. There is no better light to show off their tiny features in intricate detail. Many of the shots will be candid in style and my approach is friendly and relaxed. I will very much run with how your baby is feeling and behaving. I allow up to 3 hours because there will be the need for nappy changes, feeds and breaks.

Newborns are ideally photographed when they are under 2 weeks old and your home is most likely the best place for the session when they are this young. Familiar surroundings and home comforts will put both you and your little one at ease. Please don't worry if your house is a tip - I know what it's like with a new baby!

Partners, husbands, brothers and sisters are all encouraged to get involved too! Capturing the excitement of a new addition through other family members is just as important in my eyes.