When will you be doing newborn sessions at home again?

As of April 26th, I will be able to attend your home to take photos of you and your newborn.


When should I book a newborn session?

Newborns are best photographed up to 12 days old if you want to get that curled up, sleepy look they have in the first week but it's not going to do any harm if you book a date when they are 2 or even 3 weeks old. They don't lose the newborn look overnight!


My baby has been born. Am I too late to book?

No. If you call to book a date that's just a few days away and I have availability, you can get booked in without any issues.


What if the baby is overdue, can I change the date?

Yes, it is a simple case of postponing to a more suitable time. I must stress though that both you and baby must be feeling healthy and up for the session. If you don't feel like you are ready, then you must let me know and we can reschedule.


How long is a newborn session?

A minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3. Time is allowed for short breaks, feeds and nappy changes.

Do you come to my home?

Yes. I don't have a studio but I believe that having the session in your own home makes you and baby more relaxed with all the necessary items to hand! Please don't worry about a messy house, that's not what I'm photographing!

How do I know which room is best for the photographs?

All we need is a room with a good sized window that lets plenty of natural light in. Most sessions I have done have been in the main bedroom, taking shots on the bed. All you need to do is make your bed nice and neat and pull up any blinds so that the room is as light as possible. Also ensure that the room is nice and warm.

Should I feed my baby beforehand?

Give your baby a good feed an hour before the session and your baby may well be sleeping when I arrive. When they are asleep this is the perfect time to capture fingers and toes without too much movement! There is plenty of time allowed for top ups and changes so you don't need to worry about this.

What do I wear?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable and can breastfeed easily if you aren't bottle feeding your baby.

Some mums like to wear a special outfit they have chosen but a stretchy top or wrap dress in plain colours is absolutely fine. You can instantly dress it up with a simple necklace should you wish. Avoid very loud patterns. The focus after all is on you and your baby.

What should I dress my baby in?

Simple is best. A plain white sleep vest or sleep suit is perfect.

Can I have more than one outfit?

Of course. Before the session, lay out 2 or 3 (max) outfits. Some babies get distressed when getting naked and so may not appreciate an outfit change but you will know best and I leave this up to your own judgement. I like to get shots of their toes, so avoid a suit with feet. You may just want them in their nappy which is also fine. Just ensure the room is nice and warm and that you have a few blankets to hand.

Can siblings be included?

Absolutely, yes. If there is an older sibling they usually try and get in the pictures anyway! I like to capture touching moments between them and the new person in their lives. It's a curious time for them after all which creates a brilliant opportunity. How they interact and their expressions are all wonderful to photograph. Partners are also welcome to be a part of it. A family shot is most certainly on my list of must have shots during the newborn session. Sometimes families want just the baby and that is fine.

Do you use props?

If you are looking for babies in baskets and buckets then I'm not the right photographer for you. I don't generally touch your newborn but give you simple guidance on how to hold and position them for different shots. The only items that usually get photographed with your newborn are a soft toy, perhaps a wee hat and a blanket. For me, I think that is all that is necessary and I think that too many props gets fussy. I want the focus to be on the natural beauty of your baby.

What if my baby doesn't settle?

If it's any consolation, I have photographed many, many babies and not once have I had one that didn't settle. Depending on how your baby is feeling, will drive my decisions on what kinds of photographs to do at that point. Babies cry. Sometimes alot. Usually once they've had a feed they do settle. I even capture pictures of them crying as I think it's all part of the newborn journey, so don't worry.

If I haven't covered a question you may have then please do get in touch and I will be able to help.

You want your newborn experience to be stress free, so here are the answers to your most common concerns :

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