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Autumn Mini Sessions

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

This year I hosted mini sessions at the wonderful Penicuik House in Midlothian. If you haven't been then I would pay a visit to this impressive old house ruined by fire over one hundred years ago. It forms part of a large estate still inhabited by generations of the Clark family, one of the most pioneering families in Midlothian during the 18th Century. Very popular with dog walkers and families with young children, therefore an ideal choice for my minis!

The house is surrounded by mature woodland and meandering walks, perfect for nature lovers. You can also wander around the house (there is no roof as that got destroyed in the fire) and read about it's history through the centuries. There is also a very nice little cafe to tickle your tastebuds. May I say that their bacon rolls are delicious.

Lots of fun had with the wonderful families I met :-)

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