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Meet the newest family member ...

Introducing Pepper :-) This little bundle of fluff came into our lives a month ago and quite honestly it's like having another child!! Don't get me wrong, we all LOVE her to bits and she has the most wonderful temperament however she gets her nose into EVERYTHING!! At only 4 months she is still a kitten and she makes us well aware of that. She's the most playful and loving wee cat and the children adore her. Having grown up with cats, I am relishing the snuggles again. She loves human company. Anywhere I am she will want to be right next to me, including lying on my keyboard when I'm trying to work! She's been exploring every nook and cranny in the house and has already managed to get stuck up a tree - twice... Looking forward to when we can let her outside as she is just desperate to explore the garden. (The tree incident was on the second day when we naively thought she won't go far if we kept an eye on her!) Welcome to our family Pepper, you little mischief :-)

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