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5 People Who Would Love a Family Photography Gift Experience This Christmas

It's just 46 days until Christmas as I write this post. For heavens sake, how does it come round quicker every year??

Millions of us currently are pondering what to gift family and friends this year and are hitting a blank.

If you know someone who falls into one of the categories below then look no further for a thoughtful present this year.

1. People Who Already Have Everything

We all know someone like this and they are the perfect candidate. Everything you can think of, they already have, but do they have up to date family memories on display at home?

It's something we all want, but very often never get round to doing and always remains on the 'to do list' because it's constantly being replaced by things more urgent like booking the plumber for that dripping tap.

2. Grandparents, Especially First-Time Grandparents

Do you wish you had some up to date pictures of your children with their grandparents?

Children and grandparents cherish their company and love to see themselves photographed together, whatever their age! They will no doubt be showing their children when they become parents which makes it such an invaluable gift.

The pandemic has made us even more thankful for grandparents. For 2 years it was difficult to be able to see them or visit.

In particular, this is a gift that will delight any first time Grannies and Grandads.

If your parents have just welcomed their first grandchild, you could even buy the Photo Gift Experience for you and your partner and present them with a beautiful photo gift for their home.

My Gift Experiences include credit towards prints and products like this mini folded album.

3. Someone Who's Just Had a Baby

This someone could be your sister, friend, sister in law... even yourself! Whether it's your first or fourth baby, it's a busy time and all too often the newest member of the family is a few months old before the thought of getting a professional photographer to do some pictures actually gets put into action.

You can be their saviour here and get the ball rolling.. or drop some major hints to your partner to celebrate the arrival of your very own little person.

4. Someone Who's Had a Tough Year

We've all had years that we would rather forget. Let's face it we all know what that feels like due to recent times.

Perhaps someone you know has had a run of bad luck this year. It's been one thing after another for example, they have been affected by illness, family bereavement or financial hardship and basically need a boost.

A Photo Gift Experience is the perfect opportunity to devote an hour or two towards spending some quality time with family and creating some new memories to blow away the not so nice ones of the past 12 months.

Looking at fond memories on display in your home is a proven benefit to our mental wellbeing. What's really interesting more recently, is that going through old photos can be more effective than meditation in that it's one of the most relaxing things we can do. This activity can stir up deep feelings of happiness and positivity and we all need a good dose of this in our lives!

5. Your Partner

Family life is chaotic at the best of times and as a photographer, even we struggle to get the all important family picture that's worthy of display! Perhaps it's something your partner has been trying to organise and no doubt yourself too, but nothing has happened yet so this is the perfect chance to give them something you know the whole family are going to love!

Maybe you have just become parents yourselves, or you want to update the photos to more recent ones. The results will be treasured not only by you but by your children and most likely, their children.

This gift will be a delight!

What's included?

Photo Gift Experiences include either £75 or £150 credit towards any display item from simple prints to something for the wall. This has the benefit that they can choose what they like for their home.

All my Photo Gift Experiences can be personalised with a message for the recipient and get posted out directly to yourself for you to present in person, or it can be posted straight to them directly.

Alternatively, I can send your Gift Experience by email if you prefer.

How do I order a Photo Gift Experience?

You can order online here or simply email me and I will be in touch to confirm your order.

All Experiences are valid for 6 months.

Choose from the following:

Includes up to 1 hour of photography and £75 towards display items

Includes up to 2 hours of photography and £150 towards display items

Christmas is such a special and important time for family, why not make it extra special this year?

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