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5 Top Spring Photo Locations in Edinburgh & Lothians

Updated: Mar 21

Spring is just around the corner and it's another belter of a season in which to capture some stunning pictures when you are out and about with your family. Here's a list of 5 great locations based on my experiences, all of which will have you in awe and admiration for their beauty!



This National Trust for Scotland property is a skip away from Edinburgh along the coast in Musselburgh. It wasn't until recently when we were there last Spring with the kids that I discovered the bluebells in the grounds!

As a previous National Trust for Scotland Volunteer, I'm very familar with this beautiful estate which has a Palladian mansion house at it's core. (I just must have always been there in a different season not to notice these bluebells!)

There's a large area of land to the back of the house which looks out towards the East Lothian coastline, including a historical raised walkway which was constructed in the 1700's. 'Ladies' Walk' was frequented by ladies who could explore the estate in order that they wouldn't get their dresses muddy. Or at least that is what I am lead to believe!

There are some great opportunities to catch some photos along this walkway as it is lined by heavenly smelling lilac which flowers in May.


PHOTO TIP: Get the kids to carefully hold some lilac in their hands or lean up and smell it. Always makes a lovely photo plus heaven for the senses!



I'm extremely lucky to have beautiful walks on my doorstep and even if you don't it's well worth taking a short trip to a woodland you know of that not's too far away for some real natural photo inspiration!

Woodlands are bursting with the smell of wild garlic right now. You can almost hear it growing, along with the bluebells that often sit alongside this beautiful spectacle.

Just some of the local woodlands worth an explore in and around Edinburgh;

Hermitage of Braid & Blackford Hill, Roslin Glen, Dreghorn Woods, Vogrie Country Park, Beecraigs Country Park. There's no shortage of idyllic spots!



Get to the back of your group and capture your kids from behind so that they don't notice you snapping them walking through the woods. Get them to see who can be the first to race to the tree and you'll get some running shots too.



This has to be my number one spot in Edinburgh for sighting bluebells in late April, early May. Stunning carpets of blue mixed in with the white of the wild garlic will greet you on the circular walk to the right, just yards from the road you drive along to get to the car park. The River Esk meanders through the whole park and is the perfect spot to stop and see what wildlife you can spot.

I've seen deer here on more than one occasion! You just need to be super quiet as any loud noise will spook them.



First of all, please, please do be careful where you stand - bluebells don't take kindly to being trampled on. Find something for the kids to perch on ie a fallen tree or log. Stand above them and capture them looking up at you with either bluebells or garlic in the background.



This place in my opinion is one of Edinburgh's hidden gems. An enchanting little garden just a 2 minute walk from Clermiston Road in Corstorphine. It was built for Hillwood House which sits adjacent to the garden. It went into dis-repair and became neglected but in recent years, the garden has been brought back to life by a group of amazing volunteers who maintain it on a regular basis.

There's a pond with an enchanting wee bridge, woodland area with many a bluebell at this time of year, and nestled in amongst the planting are sitting spots a plenty, ideal for having a snack with wee ones and just listening to the birds.

Have fun discovering all it's little corners with your children. Great for hide and seek, you may see the odd squirrel and there's a beautiful bench carved with animals if you don't! It's very safe, ideal for meeting up with friends and letting the kids play.



Now is a great time for spotting tadpoles. Get the kids to carefully look and see how many they can spot and you can get some natural pictures of their reactions and curious looks as you photograph them without them knowing!



A wonderful spot to the west of the city, sitting on the Union canal in the district of Polwarth and Dalry. It was my local park when I owned a flat nearby for a number of years, and frequented this little oasis on many a sunny day.

It's one of the top places in Edinburgh to enjoy the stunning cherry blossom, take a picnic, see the ducks on the canal and get the kids running about.



Get the kids to throw the blossom up into the air and try to snap them as they do it. A blossom shower! Or, get them to lie down on the grass in amongst it, for a pretty background. Make some funny faces at the same time to get some natural giggles out of them.

Happy Snapping!


PS. Spring bookings are in full swing now so if you'd like to have a non salesy chat then you can go ahead and arrange a time here. Don't wait too long though!


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