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Double Celebrations..!

Sophia is a very lucky little girl as she now has a new baby brother called Jamie, and a new baby cousin called Sean! The two boys were born within a week of each other so I was beside myself when I got the chance to photograph them both over two consecutive days. We hope to get together for a third session with all the wee ones together when the restrictions are relaxed. So here's wee Jamie with his big sis who was very keen on giving her wee bro cuddles, although I'm not sure if he saw it as a cuddle! Perhaps an over enthusiastic hug?! She also treated us to a plinkety plonk tune on her keyboard while I snapped pictures of the adorable Jamie. This girl has changed a lot since I photographed her in her first few days, see back to this post - I can't tell you how wonderful it is to return to families and see how their wee faces have changed and who they have become and this girl knows what she wants! A wee fire cracker :-) She was such a sweetheart trying to calm Jamie down when he was crying by holding his hand.. such a tender moment. Pure Love.

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