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My 'must have' images during a newborn session

I always feel incredibly privileged to capture some of the wonderful moments between a family and their newborn child. To be invited into their lives for that short amount of time at such a special period in their lives is simply humbling! There are so many different types of image that I like to include in a session, it's impossible to do them all! Whatever the case, I like to use natural light as much as I can and keep the images REAL. This is real life after all. WARNING - the following images may have an emotional effect...

Interacting with siblings. This picture has to be one of my all time favourites. Such a sweet and tender moment between two sisters. I just let them sit on the bed together to see how it played out, and for me this was perfect.

There's nothing like catching a family together with their new bundle and watching the interactions from younger or older siblings. Nobody's crying, everyone looks happy - bonus thumbs up.

At first sight you may think this little one is crying, but it's just a sleepy yawn. A must to capture! No fancy equipment here, just some window light and a simple reflector.

This cutie was being settled and I said 'hold it right there!!!' How tiny she looks with her head in mummy's hand.

I'm loving the elf ears. My wee boy was just the same!

I like to get the dads involved. Whether they need a bit of coaxing and guidance or it's just by chance I always love the end results. I mean, how can you do a newborn shoot and not include daddy?

Once in the land of nod, this is the best time to get up and close. Such delicate skin, rosebud lips and tiny lashes is more than I can cope with on the adorable scale... Don't even talk to me about feet.

Ok, well I warned you. Newborn feet, complete with toe fluff :-) sigh.........

Beaming parents. (Thank goodness he's dropped off!)

Mummy snuggles is a very important picture to have amid images presented to parents. There is nothing on this earth like the bond between mother and child. Let's hope he's asleep for at least the amount of time it takes for mum to drink a hot cup of tea.

When newborns are alert it's great to capture them from above, superhero arms and all! This setup was simply a cozy blanket on the floor under a window to get the natural light.

I always love a handhold, at ANY age!

Just like a dolly! You really get an idea of their tiny proportions when captured in their cots.

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