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Ruberslaw Wildwood Camping

So we booked a wee 3 night stay at the beautifully situated Ruberslaw Wildwood Campsite down in the Scottish Borders. I was all prepared for a wet few days and not much sunshine, however a miracle happened and the sun did in fact make an appearance for a good chunk of our stay and it was so warm too! Now I didn't know much about this place but can I say - What a find!!! Set in the walled garden of an old house this was true camping in style. We had a large decorative greenhouse as our view set behind a large pond teaming with life. I love my gardening so this place was already scoring points with me plus the kids were having fun in the novel trolley available for campers to get their gear to their pitch.

To protect you from the elements they provided a huge covered eating area with enormous open fire and the all important electric kettle meaning regular cups of tea without having to wait an age for the water to boil. (Another massive bonus if you're anything like me and drink 5 a day.) There is also loads to do nearby for kids including a castle, #Harestanes and #BornintheBorders. AND, there were chickens. Amazing wee place. #ruberslaw

Go and see Hermitage Castle nearby and score points with the kids.

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