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Should We Bring Our Dog To The Photo Session?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I get asked this a fair bit. If you want to bring along your fluffy friend then just let me know in advance, but yes, definitely! Dogs are most welcome to all my sessions. They are an important member of your family after all.

Your dog will thank you for bringing them along to your photo session.

Many of the locations I frequent for my sessions are suitable and ideal for doggy exploration :-)

You know your dog the best. They probably won't do what you want them to and it's likely they won't look at the camera at the right moment, however this will lend itself very well to those candid, off the cuff style photos.

Children will love interacting with your pet and this provides a great opportunity for some photos. They don't have to be looking at the camera and neither does your dog!

Make sure your dog understands basic commands and bring all the usual items like poo bags etc that you would normally take on a walk. Certainly bring their favourite treats in reward for being extra specially co-operative! A lead is a must.

Lifting up your dog may be easier for a family shot if they are on the smaller side.

Some tips to get your dog photo ready and comfortable in front of the camera:

- Bring treats for good behaviour rewards and a squeaker toy for getting their attention

- If your dog prefers familiarity, choose a location where you walk your dog regularly for your photos

- Don't force them to sit a particular way, let them be themselves and the shots will be more natural

- If you have a small dog you could lift them up if they allow you to do this

- Take them for a quick walk before the session so they can work off some energy. A still pet is easier to photograph! Try to avoid any muddy water....

Locations in and around Edinburgh, ideal for your furry friend:

Cammo Estate, Edinburgh

Penicuik House, Midlothian

Vogrie Country Estate, Midlothian

Roslin Glen Country Park, Midlothian

Blackford Hill and Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh

Wherever you choose, you must be responsible for cleaning up after your dog.

It's important to know that I'm not a specialist dog photographer, I'm a family photographer who welcomes dogs into the mix. If they are looking happy and in shot then that's a win for us both...!

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