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The Hall Family

I love photographing friends - it really doesn't feel like work at all, just a normal catch up where I happen to have my camera! Our children go to the same school (I also went to the same school as mum very coincidentally) and when I told my girl who I was going to meet she was desperate to come along but although I wanted her to see her class mate she would have been nothing but a distraction and photo bombing whenever she got the opportunity...!

We were heading down to the local woodland and the weather couldn't have been more autumnal. Magical sunlight filtering through the trees and not a breath of wind. Perfect conditions for finding conkers, playing hide and seek and throwing leaves over your sister. Poor wee Matthew was not feeling his best and was holding on tight to his daddy but bless him, he was a little superstar, they all were. A gorgeous session and simply beautiful children!

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