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What Images Look Great Large

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

If you want to go for it and invest in a larger piece of wall art for your home, what image do you choose which will suit the greater proportions? It's a good idea to discuss with your photographer that you want a large image for the wall and they will shoot with this in mind.

1. People in a Landscape

Landscapes will always be a great choice for a striking display. Choose a favourite trip that tells a story and holds a fond memory. A landscape is a wonderful and striking choice on it's own but you can create extra visual appeal with the addition of some people to show scale and set the scene. The example below would look lovely without my little girl Eva, however she acts as a focal point, to where your eye is immediately drawn and anchors the image. This was taken on the island of Tiree a couple of years ago where the landscape is virtually tree free and you are open to all the elements! It was a calm evening and a walk along the deserted beach was a must. It was early May so there was still a chill in the air. I love the reflection of my wee girl alongside that of the sun on the sand.

2. Kids up Close

I've always loved this shot of who I call 'The Strawberry Girl'. The fact that she's wearing red was a lucky bonus! This is a really eye popping image, it's up close and her eyes are pin sharp. You may not want your own face large on the wall (neither would I) but it works a treat for younger children with their smooth skin and engaging expressions. She's looking straight at the camera, and the colours are nice and vivid too. Images of your kids in plain but bright clothing against a natural background will add a ray of sunshine into any room. They say red and green should never be seen but I'll make an exception here! You could also do a series of square images in a row making up one large display as shown below. Beautiful for any living room.

3. The Family Group

So you've got a brilliant picture of the family (including the dog) and everyone is smiling naturally. If you are worried that your face will appear too large or that those stray grey hairs will be on clear view to everyone then you needn't be with this kind of family group where the whole figures are included. Even at a large size of 30 x 40", the faces will not be dominating the image. Put this on display in the kitchen or where you are for a lot of the day and it will complete that favourite spot in the house where you are happiest. Children change quickly (you really don't need me telling you that!) and the longer you have a picture like this on display the more you enjoy it as time goes by.

4. Fun and Candid

Who wouldn't want a picture of the ones they love most on the wall? Here's a great example of a moment captured at just the right time, seconds before one fell off (just kidding). The kids are having a fun time in a natural environment. This for me is a timeless image and one that would be perfect for going large. (You just have to tell them a 'poo' joke and you get expressions like these!)

5. The Rule of Thirds

What is the Rule of Thirds? Imagine when you are taking a photograph that there are 2 lines going horizontally and 2 lines going vertically thus dividing the image up into 3 equal parts. An image which follows this theory has the point of focus on one of these lines, or where 2 of the lines meet. See the example below: the group of children is weighted towards the bottom left corner, generating a more pleasing end result and one that has more interest. When taking a photograph it is seen as good practice to follow this simple way of composing your images. Lots of cameras have these lines built in to the image you see through your viewfinder, or on the screen to help you. Why? I here you ask. If the point of focus is not bang in the centre then your eye is drawn more effectively into the picture, instead of concentrating on what's in the middle. Better composed pictures mean better looking on the wall! All the images below follow this theory.

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