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Good quality imagery gives you more credibility, people will spend longer on your website, and ultimately you could get more orders.

If you own a business you will know how important it is to maintain a professional presence in print and on the web. Social media has been on the rise noticeably in the last few years and many business owners are embracing this very accessible platform into their marketing mix. It’s never been easier to profile yourself online and good photography can make all the difference.



Say goodbye to your diy selfie and create a good impression from the start by investing in a professional business portrait. It makes such a difference to how potential clients and business aquaintances perceive you. I can come to your home, business premises or you can choose an outside location of your choice. In this digital age you are not short of places to display your portrait for eg. Facebook, Twitter and your Linkedin page – and that is just the start! Consider the rest of your team and organize photographs for them too. It’s no good if you have a top notch photo and your team are relying on a grainy shot taken on a mobile phone.



Show potential clients how serious you are about the venture you’ve put your heart and soul into by displaying quality photographs of your business premises. It could be an exterior shot, or perhaps you want to show off your products and displays. You could even include some ‘people at work’ shots which can really give people a general ‘feel’ for what kind of business you are. People like that.



There are many great looking websites out there but what lets them down is the photography, especially when it comes to product shots. It always deflates me somewhat when I see this! After all, it’s your products that you depend on. With a little bit of time and investment, you can potentially improve the number of visitors to your site, or even better, gain more orders. I can come to your premises and photograph products there or you can do something a bit different – a small dose of imagination creates far more interest.



If you have an event that you would like photographed please contact me with information about your requirements.


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