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In a nutshell I'm a craft obsessed, interiors loving mummy to two small people (Actually not so small any more. Sniff.) Honestly, where do the years go??!


Looking back to when I was a child in the 70's and 80's my dad would take his photographs with an Olympus film camera on our holidays which he would develop as slides. We were treated to the odd slideshow on a Saturday night of a particular holiday, but we never really saw half the images he took (still haven't) and more to the point, other than a grin full of braces from a School photograph, these images were seldomly framed and displayed.

It couldn't be easier nowadays to take a photo. But STILL, despite this, it's a rare thing if we actually have the time to print and display them in our homes. More often than not they get put onto a USB stick before getting shoved into a man drawer to be forgotton about (and let's face it, once that happens they will never be turned into prints.)


Let's change this!

Be true to yourself. How much time do you spend on Pinterest drooling over perfect wall galleries in perfect homes, thinking that one day you'll manage to do something about it before the kids aren't kids any more. You cherish spending what little time you have with family (goodness they are growing up before your eyes) and take a pride in your home. How much would you like to have beautiful, custom artwork of your children and loved ones, on your walls for you to look at and ADORE every. single. day.?


I'll create the candid and natural images you crave, capturing your family just as they are. I'll present them beautifully for you to display in your home. For me, heart bursting photos is the ultimate thing that makes a house a home and if this rings true with you we could be a very good match.

I'm not the photographer for everyone. If you are simply looking for a few digitals then hey, that's ok but I'm unlikely to be the right choice for you.

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"Kirsty did a brilliant photo shoot of my daughters.


She caught a beautiful light  resulting in glowing images of the girls, which brought their grandmother to tears when I presented them to her."

"It was easy, fun and the results were fantastic. She has a great ability to put kids at ease and make them laugh."


"As first time parents we couldn’t have been more at ease with the whole process. The fact that Kirsty comes to your house meant myself and my partner were so much more relaxed and the photos are amazing!"


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